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Apr 24 2009

Blueprint: College

Yesterday was the kick-off dinner for this program called Blueprint:College. It’s a fairly new program at Ohio State that focuses on access to college. Families from Columbus Public Schools apply and we all meet weekly to discuss how to get to college… there are workshops for the parents that talk about financial aid, academic prep,…

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Apr 07 2009

Pre-Institute Work

So there are only several weeks left in the school year and before I head to the Houston Institute. There is a ton of stuff I need to get done before then. This includes wrapping up classes, clearing out my apartment, making moving arrangements, and plenty of pre-institute work. My accounting teachers gave me a…

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Mar 16 2009

Reflecting on the TFA Decision

I just had two finals today so before I pick up the books to study for my next one I think I’ll write…it’s kinda of soothing for me. Anyway…I would like to reflect on what brought me to apply to Teach For America. Teach For America isn’t in Ohio so I never really heard about…

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Today I’m still on my high from being offered a position as a 2009 corps member. I went online right after class to accept the offer..thought it would be a good idea before they could change their minds..lol I’m still pretty disappointed that the friend I mentioned before and others didn’t get in. Especially that…

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Mar 12 2009

The Good News

***Originally written 3/10/2009*** So today around 5pm I was on my way to the business school to meet my group to work on our project. My phone rings and I answer it. It was someone from Teach For America Admissions telling me congratulations on being accepted as a 2009 corps member in Houston! I was…

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