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Apr 24 2009

Blueprint: College

Yesterday was the kick-off dinner for this program called Blueprint:College. It’s a fairly new program at Ohio State that focuses on access to college. Families from Columbus Public Schools apply and we all meet weekly to discuss how to get to college… there are workshops for the parents that talk about financial aid, academic prep, etc. At the same time their kids are with student facilitators (that’s what I am) and we do different activities to teach them about college and to promote it.

 As I said, yesterday was the kick off. It went really well. I had so much fun just talking to the kids and their parents. It felt so natural. I think this is definitely a good sign for the future. Next week is the first regular session  so I am super excited to work with the kids in my group. I signed up for the younger kids, kindergarten and first grade, because I thought that was where I would be placed as a corps member. That may not be the case now but it will still be fun.

So I’m really happy! I’ll write next week to tell you how it goes.

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